Our Story

After the 2016 elections, a grassroots organization called Downtown Women For Change sprang up in New York City. The organization's mission was to empower women and girls and work to improve female representation in government at all levels. We discovered, for example, that even in "blue" New York State, there was plenty of work to be done if we hoped to enact progressive legislation at the state and local levels.

FundHer grew up out of DWC as a way to offer tangible support to these female candidates, while involving as much of the electorate as possible. When people think of political fundraising they often imagine a roomful of wealthy white people over the age of 50 ("the donor class") who are imagined to be buying influence and favors from those they support. We'd seen firsthand the actual financial burdens imposed by running for office. 

The cost of getting your potential constituents to know your name and what you stand for can feel insurmountably high for regular, working-class citizens. FundHer so that *anybody* can donate to a candidate and receive a tangible benefit in return. It encourages civic engagement and empowers non-wealthy folks (aka most people!) to participate in the political process. It also functions as a way to raise awareness of first-time and younger candidates so they don't actually need to spend as much on ads and printed materials and can focus on face-to-face interactions with voters and meeting and talking to people.

How does it work?

Chefs and makers agree to donate their time to prepare a limited number of their products. When you buy whatever they've made, your money goes to one of the candidates we're supporting. No one in the process has to donate a *lot* of their time or money. But together, the drops make an ocean. 

why participate?

If you've ever donated to, well, anything before, you know that once you do, you'll receive countless forms of communication afterward asking you to do it time and again. It gets exhausting, and then guilt sets in for feeling exhausted, when you agree that the causes are worthy. Our goal is to take the negativity out of this cycle, and make donating fun, so you're spending your money to support something you believe in, while treating yourself in the process.

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