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We partner with chefs, makers and teachers to create delicious, beautiful and unique items and classes.

Every purchase you make helps empower a woman running for office.

Past Candidates

We're big fans of these women and believe they will really make a difference. Read on to find out why.

Alessandra Biaggi

She "cut the head off the snake" of the IDC, a rogue group of legislators that was preventing any meaningful progress in New York State. Since arriving in Albany, Senator Biaggi has been a vocal proponent of reproductive health, education and campaign finance reform.

Jessica Ramos

A working mom who knew firsthand how broken the MTA was, she took the leap into state politics to bring a "true blue" leader to Albany. Her fight to keep education funding in the 2019 budget made it clear that she is a true champion of middle- and lower-income New Yorkers.

People can donate again and again and feel nourished, not wrung out.”

How does it work?

Chefs and makers agree to donate their time to prepare a limited number of their products. When you make a purchase, your money goes to one of the candidates we're supporting. No one in the process has to donate a *lot* of their time or money. But together, the drops make an ocean. 

why participate?

If you've ever donated to, well, anything, you know that once you do, you receive countless forms of communication afterward asking you to give just a little bit more again and again.

It gets exhausting, and then guilt sets in for feeling exhausted, when you agree that the causes are worthy. Our goal is to take the negativity out of this cycle, and make donating fun.

You're spending your money to support something you believe in, while treating yourself in the process.

The Numbers


Men outraise women by $75K on average for the most competitive state and local races, where that amount makes a big difference.


Male candidates outraise female candidates by nearly 200 percent when looking at donations from individual donors.


Men donate significantly more to male candidates than female candidates, and make up 80 percent of the individual donor base.

Self Care

Activism can be exhausting. The statistics are depressing, and the feeling of "nothing I do makes a difference anyway" is common. It's also simply harder to relax today than ever. Our anxieties are constantly being stoked by social media and the nonstop flow of information at our fingertips.

We recognize this, and it's why we feel that self-care is the all-important other half of the "Do Something" coin. Keep in touch for (mostly-free!) ideas on how to decompress, rejuvenate and get ready to face another day with hope and love.

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